The Faculté de Théologie des Assemblées de Dieu du Gabon (FATAD) was the vision of the Gabon Assemblies of God. For several years, the leadership of this church has requested a missionary from the US Assemblies of God to build and direct the school. When we finished building the school in Pointe-Noire, Congo, we were asked to move to Gabon and do the same thing.

Scott Atwood

Construction Photo Gallery 

Gary and Janice Dickinson

The Library (L) and Classroom building (R) were the first two buildings on campus. See below for an up-to-date photo.

 Africa's Hope, and Christ Church in Ft. Worth, TX  are leading partners in this project. Scott Atwood, a US civil engineer (picture at right), came to Gabon, drew up the plans,  got the site leveled, put up the first two buildings and gave us a huge head start. Now Gary is overseeing the construction as well as preparing the academic and administration side.